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Life's too short not to visit here...
Crete is an island small enough to be intimate and yet large enough to deliver a never-ending series of experiences. Whatever you want - you’ll find it here. If you want fun you’ve got it. If you want sport you’ve got it. If you want bars, restaurants, clubs and sleeping ‘til noon - you’ve got it.
In Crete you’re never far from the buzz of people having a great time. If you want sun, sea and sand - we’ve got more than anyone.

Archaeological sites and places of interest – maybe we’ve even got too many!

Of course, once in a while you may just want to be lazy - in peace - and you’ll get that too!
By day, why not visit the fabulous fun water park at Limnoupolis, paraglide in Agia Marina, or take the mini- train for a trip into the hills or book a day cruise to the desert island paradise of Gramvousa.
    Feeling energetic? Book a scuba or snorkel diving course in Kastelli. Walk alone or hike with a group up into the Lefka Ori mountains. Horse riding at Tavronitis.

Hire a bike or scooter and ride into the hills and the magnificent gorge of Topolia and on down to the world famous island of Elafonisi.
Watch the sun go down on the finest beach in Crete at nearby Fallasarna. And then… By night, dress how you wish - but local people like to show off in something cool and simple, particularly in the cafes and clubs.
Join in the fun of a Cretan evening - live traditional music and dancing, vast tables of food and wine, topped off by the local firewater, Tsikouthia or Raki.
Another evening, visit the bars, restaurants and discos on the sea front in Xania or Kastelli. Join the local “volta” or promenade where the young people show themselves at their best at the beginning of, or in the hope of, a courtship.
  If you have the energy you may want to throw a 24 hour party by going into Platanias or Xania where the clubs don’t even open until midnight and to leave before dawn is considered just plain sad!

A typical itinerary is to arrive into the bars at 8 pm, choose a restaurant at 10 pm, a club at 12 and then an exhausted breakfast on the seafront at 8 am!
Our houses are in the counties of Xania (Chania/Hania) and Kissamos in western Crete. Dominating Xania county is the lively and cosmopolitan city of Xania itself – an ancient, fabulous Venetian city with all the stylish shops, entertainment, nightlife and fun you could ever wish for.
Kissamos county is more rural with a million olive trees in groves tumbling down from the mountains to the ten-kilometre beach of Kissamos bay. Nevertheless the principal town of Kastelli is a lively bustling community with two fishing ports and numerous shops, bars, restaurants and promenade cafes.
But if you really do only want peace - then this beautiful corner of Crete is a natural paradise. Temperatures are near perfect. In the mountains, you can walk... and walk... For more sensual and personal experiences, find a secret place next to the sea, undress and swim. And then dry lazily in the sun. It's almost narcotic... you could be hooked for life - and life’s too short not to visit here - again and again …..

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