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Villa Emilia   Crete Direct's
long-term rental houses are all fully-furnished authentic Cretan dwellings, equipped as permanent
Our houses are located in the heart of real Crete amongst real Cretan people, with their genuine way of life - often only fleetingly glimpsed from a holiday apartment or hotel. These are not holiday houses, nor are they sited in holiday areas - or anywhere near foreign-owned housing estates! All are individual and private and they are Houses. All are detached or semi-detached with private gardens and entrances. All have telephone connections and access to the internet.

There is very little good quality, private and furnished accommodation available on Crete. Recently a few new houses, perhaps awaiting a distressed sale, have become available but these are usually on housing estates and the security of tenure and legality may be questionable. Sometimes a local person will want to rent out part of their own house and though these en-famille arrangements can be cheaper, there is usually no privacy or security. By contrast all our houses are individual, private, not overlooked, and have separate boundaries and entrances.

Over the years we have had clients stay in our houses for as many reasons as there have been nationalities and personalities – no two have ever been the same. Nevertheless people want to stay here for a while for two broad reasons: as a Sabbatical or “time out”, or with a view to owning a house here, either as a holiday home or as a permanent retirement property.
  If you are thinking of taking time-out here, working on a book, a painting, or
a project of some sort then we can help with any local support you may need.

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      If you are contemplating moving here and investing money in a home and want to “try before you buy” then we can guide you and point you in the right direction.

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